“We are dedicated to achieving our clients’ utmost satisfaction by providing high-quality, best-in-class workmanship while operating our business transparently and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.” ~ Since 1995 ~

Imagine – Vision – Create

We specialize in the following…

  • Landscape Design & Construction
  • Turf & Landscape Management
  • Seasonal Cleanups, Annuals & Mulch
  • Stone Borders, Retaining Walls, Flagstone Patios & Pathways
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Water Features
  • Pergola & Outdoor Living Areas
  • Cedar & Ornamental Iron Fencing
  • Root Barrier & Structural Prevention
  • Landscape & Christmas Lighting

From Brentley’s Mentor

“Recently I was reading a book entitled In Praise and Celebration of Friendship by Helen Exley. It shared the truth that our lives are given real meaning through our relationships. This book reminded me of our great relationship over many years. I have enjoyed our many discussions about a variety of subjects over our regular breakfast schedules, as well as our celebration on many different occasions with my wife, Gloria. It’s been particularly rewarding to see your growth over the years—personally, professionally and spiritually. You’ve made it one of your life goals to be as effective as possible in your life purpose and calling. Your dedication as a “hard worker” has helped you achieve personal and business-oriented goals. Seeing you work as a “hands-on” leader demonstrates to me why this has been possible. It was natural for Gloria and me to seek your professional services during this period because we saw the fantastic work you did for others. You helped make our wonderful home, built by our son, even more beautiful through the work you did as a lawn and landscape professional. As a friend, I also had the opportunity to see the very involved work you did on many stately homes—it demonstrated the effort of a knowledgeable expert in his field. I know your drive for excellence comes from having high moral and ethical standards. I have observed you practicing sound business practices, but what I also consider as critical—high ethical standards. At the same time you have acknowledged “making mistakes,” which is normal; but what I like is that you worked hard to correct them. You seek to learn and grow through working to solve the tough issues that we face periodically in business. In Exley’s book on “Friendship,” a Norwegian proverb is quoted: “On the road between the home of friends, grass does not grow.” While this might sound disastrous for someone that is committed to landscaping, this is a truth I see in you. You work to build relationships, which become the “building blocks” of a sound and sturdy life. Thanks for doing that with Gloria and me! Knowing a young professional like yourself, dedicated to those you interface with, and particularly committed to Our Lord, gives me a tremendous…”


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