Dear Prospective Client,

I am happy to submit to you this recommendation for Brentley’s Landscaping as an easy choice as a landscaping professional for your property. I have been a customer of Brentley’s for many, many years (10+ years) and have always been extremely satisfied with Brentley and his crew’s work.

I have found Brentley to be extremely versatile, which is a valuable trait in a landscaping professional. He not only maintains my property annually (i.e. a massive 5 day fall/year end cleanup & mulch with Christmas lighting), but he also has completed numerous incremental projects such as a large re-fencing of my entire property as well as addressing complex drainage issues. Brentley has also been key in solving my landscape design issue as well (i.e. knowing what will grow well on my heavily shaded property). Finally, Brentley has always been reliable and his crew’s work was always been exceptionally professional, highly skilled and they always arrive in well maintained trucks which have all the needed equipment to match the job at hand.

I feel strongly that you get what you pay for, so if you’re are driven solely by price, Brentley may not be the lowest bid on your project but if you are driven by the quality of work and doing a solution that will serve you well and last you for years to come, Brentley and his crews would be the right pick for you.