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David and I recommend highly the landscape contractor Brentley Massey and
his company,  Brentley’s Landscape & Construction located in North Texas.

We had a drainage issue that would require the removal of our existing system in our backyard that was
poorly designed and inadequate. Brentley presented a proposal that was not inexpensive nor fully
fleshed out as far as details were concerned, but which led us to believe that he could do the
work well.

His company began the work May, 2020.  Over a 5 day period, his crews performed a marvelous
transformation of our backyard that we continue to enjoy. We had a good downpour not long after
the work was finished and not a single issue arose.  It is a delight
to view our backyard due to the work done by Brentley.

His crews would clean up the area at the end of  each day and would arrive at a consistent time early each morning.
They were very pleasant and did their work well.

We plan to use this company again in the future for other landscape projects.