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Brentley and his crew did an awesome job installing a drain system where water was pooling in my back and side yard areas where three major downspouts emptied; it was a real mess and damaging my fence posts. He gave me a ballpark; there were a lot of utility lines in the area so he didn’t know how this would slow the crew down. As it turned out, the crew knows how to dig in record time and still manage to avoid cutting our lines…truly amazing! The work they did was amazing; very clean cut, the drains are working great, the lawn is barely “scarred;” in a month of the growing season, you won’t be able to tell they were ever here. His bill came in exactly on his prediction; he gave me his rates and the hours and materials involved were within a $23 difference which he charged in my favor! I highly recommend him…he’s very knowledgeable, is upfront, and his crew is truly awesome! His price was comparable to other work I’ve seen; but his work is definitely of higher quality.